FEGA (Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund)

This section provides information on the raison d'être and basic mission of the Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund O.A. (FEGA), in relation to the application of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in Spain.

Information is also provided on:

  • The regulatory dispositions of the FEGA, its purpose, functions and internal organisation
  • The budget for recent financial years and the Agency's accounts
  • Reports on the Agency's activities in recent years
  • The calendar/agenda comprising the main activities that take place over the year and the corresponding month
  • Information about calls for applications for grants made by the Agency
  • Information about Castillo de Arévalo, a FEGA property, and its use as a site for conferences anda exhibitions

The FEGA Electronic Office (direct access from the home page) provides a variety of information including:

  • Electronic Procedures and Services (Services catalogue)
  • Contracts promoted by the Agency under the Law on State Contracts (Contracting body profile)
Modification date: 14/11/2017