Budget and Annual Account

Budgets and Accounts

FEGA is an administrative Independent Entity, in accordance with Article 43.1.a) of Law 6/1997, of 14 April, on the Organisation and Functioning of Public Administration of the General Secretariat of Agriculture, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) through the General Secretariat of Agriculture and Food.

As such, it has an independent legal personality, therefore having its own budget, which is approved annually as part of the National Budget.

This budget includes the items corresponding to the management of funds from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), which are distributed among the various Paying Agencies of the Autonomous Communities.




2019 (p) Income (extended 2018) Expenditure  (extended 2018)
2018 Income Expenditure and Investments Appendix
2018 (p) Income (extended 2017) Expenditure and Investments Appendix (extended 2017)
2017 Income Expenditure and Investments Appendix
2017 (p) Income (extended 2016) Expenditure (extended 2016)
2016 Income Expenditure
2015 Income Expenditure
2014 Income Expenditure
2013 Income Expenditure
2012 Income Expenditure
2011 Income Expenditure
2010 Income Expenditure
2009 Income Expenditure
2008 Income Expenditure
2007 Income Expenditure
2006 Income Expenditure
2005 Income Expenditure
Annual account

In compliance with current regulations, FEGA must periodically prepare the Entity’s Annual account, which is submitted to the Court of Auditors through the IGAE [Comptroller General of the State Administration].

The FEGA National account for the corresponding year states the Entity's own budgets as well as the results of the commercial transactions that FEGA conducts in application of the decisions adopted by the European Commission.

Modification date: 07/01/2021