Financing the CAP

This section contains information about the European agricultural funds that provide financial support for the achievement of the Common Agricultural Policy objectives, both in the sphere of production and the markets and in the sphere of rural development.

An account is also given of the system for management of these funds in Spain, taking into account the distribution of competencies in the field of agriculture between the central Public Administration and the Administrations of the Autonomous Regions, with the necessary creation of a Coordinating Agency and of Paying Agencies, in accordance with EU legislation for these circumstances.

The arbitrated procedure for speeding up financing by the Paying Agencies of the actions performed by the beneficiaries is described (Pre-financing) and an account is given of the mechanisms established for harmonising administrative actions and their corresponding financing across the national territory through specific Coordination Groups, whose twice-yearly meetings calendar is also given.

Finally, this section of information is completed with information on financing the CAP in Spain and in the European Union, distinguishing in both cases information corresponding to the current financial year from information corresponding to previous years.

Financiación de la PAC
Modification date: 08/10/2015