Spanish European Funds Management System

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European Agricultural Funds are implemented in Spain according to the distribution of jurisdictions between public authorities (General State Authority and Autonomous Communities), provided for in the corresponding legal texts.

This distribution of jurisdictions has led to the establishment of a system, the Spanish European Funds Management System made up of the Autonomous Communities’ paying agencies and FEGA, which aims to ensure that the beneficiaries implementing the initiatives provided for in the Common Agricultural Policy receive their corresponding financial compensation, in the form of subsidies, as envisaged in that Policy.

Under this system, FEGA is responsible for all its coordination functions, for the purposes of promoting a harmonised implementation of community provisions and centralising the information that has to be made available to the European Commission, as well as representing Spain before the European bodies in charge of the financing of the CAP.

The 18 paying agencies manage and pay the subsidies they have jurisdiction over, by contributing, through their experience, to the best adaptation of the subsidies' general application rules to the special characteristics of each of the territories where they operate.


Map of the Paying Agencies



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Modification date: 23/03/2022