Direct subsidies and Single Payment

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Until 1992, support for European agriculture was mainly granted to arable farmers and livestock producers when they sold their harvest or livestock products. At that time, they could sell their products on the market or offer it to public warehouses at previously agreed prices: the so-called intervention prices.

Since 1992, the way of providing support has changed. It is now provided for dedicating land to specific crops or livestock production, practically eliminating the possibility of the sale of products to public warehouses.

This support, very different from intervention prices, is known as direct subsidies.

Direct subsidies, for producing specific arable and livestock raw materials were available at different times of the year, which gave rise to applications and processing at different times.

The review of the types of support for agriculture, by virtue of international agreements in 2003, has meant a wide-ranging change in the conditions for obtaining direct subsidies. From that date, they have been based on average subsidies received in previous years (reference period), allowing production of the same or different products in the following year, and producers receive a one-off SINGLE PAYMENT.

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The Common Agricultural Policy was significantly reformed in 2003 when the European Union adopted the criteria contained in international commitments on new production methods paying more attention to the environment and food safety and to new ways of compensation and support for agriculture complying with these principles.

The new forms of compensation and support attempt to achieve a twofold purpose:

  • Encourage the adaptation of agriculture to the demands of national and international markets.
    To achieve this, future subsidies will not be linked to what is produced in the year but rather will depend on the subsidies received in previous years, which establish the baseline for receiving them.
  • Reinforce the role of arable and livestock farmers as suppliers of healthy and safe products for European citizens and for citizens of other countries who consume food products made in Europe.

From the point of view of administrative processing of the subsidies, the 2003 reform introduced a very important update. This was in simplifying the procedure for obtaining subsidies via the establishment of:

  • THE SINGLE APPLICATION, facilitating application for these subsidies in a single document.
  • THE SINGLE PAYMENT, which enables subsidies to be received once each season.
Management of Single Payment Rights

The purpose of this link is to facilitate access by registered users of Autonomous Regions to the application that enables management of applications for transfer of single payment rights by the beneficiaries of this scheme.

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