SIGPAC (Agricultural Plots Information System) Application

SiGPAC Viewer (National)

Via this link you can access information on the Agricultural Plot Geographic Information System (SIGPAC), which enables the geographic identification of plots declared by farmers and livestock farmers, under any subsidy regime relating to the area which is cultivated or used for livestock.

Initially designed to help farmers submit applications with a graphic device and to facilitate administrative checks and land inspections, SIGPAC has become an exceptionally useful tool in fields other than agriculture (geology, infrastructures, town planning, etc.), due to its conception and development in which continuous and permanent use is made of the most advanced technologies in automated geographic information.

SigPac Display

The SigPac Display was developed in accordance with the HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript 5 standards, and designed to work on browsers that support these standards. Openlayers 4 was used to develop the SigPac Display and the web component standard specifications were complied with.

Small modifications were also made to its mode of use, the handling of tactile events and to access to features or commands through the keyboard (using accelerator keys).

It was tested in the following browsers:

  Internet Explorer* 11
  Firefox 38.8.0
  Chrome 46.0.2490.86
  Opera 46.0


 *The display DOES NOT work on Internet Explorer 10 or earlier versions.

Other information


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Modification date: 19/09/2017